Re-election about retirement, Stupak undecided re-election plans RemainsFacing speculation that he might retire, said Rep reviews . Bart Stupak, the employees on Wednesday he will new election new election plans, but does not exclude the possibility that he does not try another term, roll Call reports (Cadei, roll Call.

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Of issues including Obtained 2010 Harvey A. Whitney Lecture AwardCharles D Hepler, noted professor, author and researcher , and a driving force behind in the definition and developing the concept which pharmaceutical supply has been appointed beneficiary on ASHP 2010 Harvey Cat. Whitney Lecture Award was. Hepler one of the one of the most influential thinkers Apotheke. , in particular the, in particular the keynote address at the 1 985 ASHP Conference How in clinical practice in the pharmacy and its work with Dr. Linda M. Chances and responsibilities into pharmaceutical care, stage for significant changes in Pharmaceuticals mixture to patient care. Hepler author of more than 40 specialist articles and has presented to. Many professional instruments in local, state, domestic and international chemist sessions His main research covers a broad range of topics, including automated bed dosage and medication errors, to workplace satisfaction of hospital pharmacists, and the effects of clinical chemists patient perceptions of of the quality of health care. Organizations, including the university Pharmacy at the University of Iowa in, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Florida , has Hepler shape thought of hundreds of students and inspires to expand numerous pharmacies researchers and broaden his job. He continues teaching position at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy a Distinguished Professor Emeritus. Hepler been well as activated part in the the work of multiple pharmacy organizations, including service in the ASHP Commission the target, the American Association the College of Pharmacy Commission for the implementation of changes in Pharmaceutical Education, and one expert member of International Pharmaceutical Federation Board Pharmacy Practice. Hepler received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy and an M.Sc. And Doctor of Philosophy at the University on Iowa. He has won many awards and distinctions, Drcluding the American Pharmacists Association Remington Medal and the ASHP Research and Education Foundation AwardsJob of lasting contributions to pharmaceutical literature.

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