Should submit ideas found the instructions and the form of submissions no longer than two pages and should be a summary of the project statement with background and rationale, requires a description of the know-how and key personnel for the Dream Team, and an expanded to explain the clinical effects and the most important references. Submissions must be sent by e-mail. Inquiries regarding this process should or 646-0653 to be directed. The deadline is Wednesday, August 2008.

In this call for ideas, the AACR not accept proposals for research grants. Rather, the AACR is inviting ideas for SU2C Dream Team translational research projects. An announcement about SU2C Innovative Cancer Research Grant opportunities will occur in autumn 2008. Further information about SU2C and its funding model can be found.By the 35 parents who completed collection, 69 % of of them told that her sleep problems sleep problems, but in that 69 % of of the children had abnormal results 54 % of the study. Thirty-six % of the children of parents who have report sleeping problems of the had children abnormal PSG results of. ‘Owing to the high incidence of obstructive sleep syndrome in children with Down syndrome, and the poor correlation between comment impressions out of insomnia and PSG results the baseline PSG Recommend Excellent all the children with DS at the age of write the authors ‘the authors write..