Make a donation make a donation, visit.. Notes1.Terrence Higgins Trust is the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity with centers across England, Scotland and Wales. We are here to provide information and advice about HIV and sexual health are available, offering a range of services including sexual health checks, counseling and support groups. We fight for a world where people live healthy life with HIV, free from prejudice and discrimination and we promote good sexual health as a right and reality for all.

The exhibition will be shown at the information nation, 47 the Kingsway, Swansea. It is on Saturday 16th run – Saturday 23 May from 12:00 to 17 Admission is free. It will also explain information in its English and Welsh, as may homophobia in schools, colleges and youth groups to be addressed.The International Osteoporosis Foundation is the only worldwide organization, edge research. To fighting osteoporosis Time Unites Scientists From, patient subsidiaries and partners companies. In cooperation with their 188 member patients and medical associations to 91 sites , and another healthcare groups agencies throughout the world , IOF promoting raise awareness and prevention, early detection and better treatment of osteoporosis..