New research warns of lack of specialization within the Spanish Forensic Scientists When judging people with mental disordersresearch research from the Department of Criminal Law[ the University of Granada[ for the first time sentences sentences passed in Spain since 1870 in which the defendant of the charge or the sentence was reduced was acquitted due to a mental disorder. This research, in which more than 3000 sentences were studied the the need for greater cooperation between criminal law and psychiatry at determination of the effect of each disturbance on the responsibility of individuals and also warns the lack of specialization of forensic scientists in the amount of determination the mental condition of the defendant. Since these forensic scientists specific training in specific training in psychiatry, you can sometimes medical reports do not provide a full guarantee needed.

This UGR[ research revealed that the main axis of the law in this area, the poor application by the Spanish courts with full exemption from criminal liability concerns. This may be due to the fact that for a very long time, a complete and absolute change of thinking and willing capacity necessary inability to account was due. This is an untenable claim as in this situation it would be almost impossible to offend.This information has been with permission on the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Email can move the entire Kaiser Daily U.S. HIV / AIDS Report search in the archives and then log of e-mail deliver to daily reports.

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