But on the other hand, Medicaid and Medicare costs may spike. The CDC claims baby boomers were likely to experiment with injected drug make use of and should be screened. The Hepatitis Education Program of Seattle, Washington writes: ‘A lot more than 15,000 People in america. Die each full yr from hepatitis C-related disease, such as for example liver and cirrhosis malignancy,. .’ See it says die from Hep-C related illnesses. Component of that could be from the interferon medicines or other meds prescribed for those diagnosed with Hep-C.#3 – Fish oil or marine oil . That is crucial. A high-quality seafood oil supplement boosts mood and brain function, prevents heart disease, improves skin health, and can actually help lower high blood pressure by making your blood flow easier. Some good providers include Nordic Naturals and Carlson Labs. If you were to take just these three supplements and nothing else, you would more than likely experience a profound difference in your health. In fact, if we wanted to turn America into a country of healthy, intelligent people who have genius children and highly productive senior citizens, we would want to hand out supplement D, astaxanthin and seafood oil products to everybody.