‘He added: ‘These initial results suggest that this novel non-invasive imaging technology to of coronary heart disease of coronary artery disease treatment treatment tailoring in the individual patients, invasive or invasive or conservative medical procedures to be directed what. ‘.. Source: Universit? de Montr?Keidar,non – invasive imaging technology, a precise diagnosis of coronary artery diseaseA study focusing on a new non – invasive imaging technology – one that more accurate diagnosis of coronary artery disease and treatment tailoring may make for individual patients – was Israel released researchers SNM the 53th Annual meeting in June in San Diego.

SNM members have introduced – and continue to explore – biological and technological innovations in medicine that noninvasively investigate the molecular basis of diseases, benefiting countless generations of patients. SNM is in Reston.. SNM is an international scientific and professional organization of more than 16 000 members dedicated to the advancement of science, technology and practical applications of molecular and nuclear imaging to diagnose and treat diseases in women, men and children. Founded more than 50 years, SNM to important resources for health care clinicians and patients to create, publish the most prominent peer-reviewed resource in the field, sponsored research, scholarships and awards, hosted the first annual meeting for medical imaging and train physicians, engineers, scientists, physicists, chemists and pharmacists radio in state-of – the-art imaging procedures and advances.Canadian emergency room each year treat 1.3 million patients using blunt violence from falls and road accidents and those at risk of whiplash injuries. Most of the patients are awake and their stable for of Service. Is less than 1 percent of C – vertebral fracture. Of doctors, in emergency rooms responsible for this patients during initial triage, to that patients to be immobilized for hourly while waiting on medical assessment and radiography. Immobilizing is often unnecessary and caused a patient considerable discomfort. This delay also displaces emergency wards and is time consuming of doctors, nurses and technicians.