The researchers were looking for variations in patterns of drug experimentation and drug use into early adulthood between children of alcoholics and children of nonalcoholics. In order to test mediational versions, the researchers viewed marriage and its influence on declines in medication use. Article: Changes in Drug Use During Young Adulthood: The Effect of Parent Alcoholism and Changeover Into Marriage. David Flora, Ph.D., York University; Laurie Chassin, Ph.D., Arizona Condition University; Psychology of Addiction Behaviors, Vol. 19, No.4. Full text message of this article is offered by.. Changes in drug use during adolescent adulthood: The effects of parent alcoholism and changeover into marriage The impacts of parental alcoholism in children are well known, specially the alcohol consumption habits of children of alcoholics .Bullying is a significant concern among parents with obese and overweight kids ages 6 to13, and these parents are more likely than parents with healthful weight children to price bullying as a high health issue for kids, today by the University of Michigan C according to a report released.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Wellness. ‘We discovered that parents with over weight or obese children in fact look at bullying as a greater problem than childhood weight problems,’ says Matthew M. Davis, M.D., M.A.P.P., director of the National Poll on Children’s Wellness.