However, new results revealed by the Hebrew University scientists suggest a radically different architecture – – a small band of neurons near the foot of the human brain, in the mesopontine tegmentum, provides executive control over the alert status of the complete cerebrum and spinal cord, and can generate lack of pain sensation, postural collapse and loss of consciousness through particular neural circuitry. This summary derives from the observation that microinjection of tiny quantneities of certain anesthetic medications into this recently discovered ‘center of consciousness’ in laboratory rats induced a profound suppressive effect on the experience of the cerebral cortex. It is not certain that these results will translate reliably from rats to man. But if they do, there are in least two implications of significant interest.Doctors cannot hear the baby’s heartbeat and sense its life was in peril ordered a crisis cesarean and they discovered it had been a false being pregnant, she said. The spokeswoman added the girl was therefore convinced she was pregnant, that she altered her prenatal tests that showed because she was convinced the outcomes were wrong otherwise. In these full cases, ladies can have all of the symptoms of being pregnant, including fat gain, enlarged breasts, nausea and back pain.. Breathing problems difficulty U.S. Soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, speculation about inhaled toxins By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD According to a fresh study some U.S.