The complete data on reboxetine now to show around 5100 approximately 5100 patients were included in the 17 studies included in the evaluation dealt with. Sufficiently transparent published data were available , only 1600 of these patients. Thus the results of approximately 2/3 of the patients are missing in the publicly available literature fda website . The published results suggest a benefit, but can not prove, when all data are considered.

To rapidly implement the statutory provisions requiresIQWiG experience has shown that the existing countermeasures, which are primarily based on voluntary solutions in Germany and Europe , are insufficient. It is not known, and unselfishly. Really solving the problem. Solving the problem. IQWiG therefore calls for an EU-wide legal obligation, bound by tight deadlines, results of results of clinical trials. – In the U.S., this requirement has been clearly implemented by law since 2008, says Sawicki. We need a comparable, clear and transparent implementation for Europe as soon as possible. In this context it is important that such an obligation must also approved retroactively to drugs already. Moreover, statutory regulations are necessary so that all data are provided on request to institutions such as IQWiG or the G-BA.

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