The new deal was lauded by some as a good work and criticized by others as toothless. Five big makers of snack foods who agreed to the program said Fri that they would discourage institutions from stocking vending machines with treats that are high in calories, fat, sugar and salt. The ongoing companies, Kraft Foods Inc., Mars Inc., Campbell Soup Co., PepsiCo and Dannon Inc., decided to instead begin marketing snacks that meet new diet guidelines supported by the American Heart Association.Recently, the skyrocketing cost of health care has made traditional health insurance increasingly unaffordable. Leading price cut health care programs became concerned that these bad actors were likely to define the discount health care industry in the minds of consumers and regulators.

Brain areas in charge of motor behavior may represent therapeutic targets for bipolar disorder A fresh study by electric motor control and psychology experts at Indiana University shows that postural control problems could be a core feature of bipolar disorder, not really a random symptom just, and will provide insights both into regions of the mind suffering from the psychiatric disorder and fresh potential targets for treatment.