‘ The combination of Philips ‘ MR-HIFU system, a high-precision, heat-based therapy and ThermoDox, a heat-triggered oncolytic agent has great potential, that it gives us the opportunity, non-invasive thermal combined treatment local local delivery of high concentrations of potent anti-cancer drugs directly well in a targeted area uncharacterized , Falko Busse, vice president and general manager, MR Therapy said, for Philips Healthcare lioresal 10 mg . ‘ This multimodality approach could be transformative for the treatment of a number. Of cancers We remain excited about our collaboration with Celsion, and look forward to the start of the clinical trial as soon as possible. . News from Philips is is on the Internet for more information on Celsion.

The survey was on 8th Published July 2010, in one Cash on, online edition of the scientific scientific journal Nature. – ‘The key question to the study answer to why a person is more susceptible to the effects of cocaine as another,’said team leader Paul Kenny , an associate professor in the department Molecular Therapeutics at Scripps Florida. ‘What we found is such that a specific microRNA exercise enormous control over that response to the drug. If raised brain, a small molecule which protecting from addictions, while a reduction increase vulnerability to addiction. The practical outcome increasing microRNA-212 expression of, that he does the full stop on any desire to take the drug. ‘.

In a study of healthy dog, the researchers found that the majority of significant inhibition of a significant inhibition of the platelet function within the three hours of receipt clopidogrel. All dogs the study well tolerated the drug well and beyond showed no sign from bruising, bleeding or other adverse effects.In, platelet activity returned to to more normal levels within about by Dr. Was issued, that is similar the reply find in humans.