An brief summary of the full body cleanse program For thousands of years in the historic Indian medicine system of Ayurveda as an integral measure in maintaining general health and dealing with the complete range of common and also debilitating diseases. The concept of body cleansing and detoxification is new to the western world relatively click here . Currently, you have many choices of choosing among the many commercially available cleansing program and product based on different methods to body cleansing relating to your present health and individual body requirements.

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An elderly man with persistent headaches and visual loss A history of persistent head aches and visual loss within an elderly patient may be a sign of impending irreversible bilateral blindness. Another history and careful clinical assessment are essential in making a diagnosis. Case report Presentation A 78-year-old man presented with sudden onset of blindness in his still left eye. He previously been for four weeks unwell, with headaches along with aches and constant pains in his limbs. He previously not had much rest during this period. The patient wore a hearing aid but enjoyed good health relatively. He gave no past history of hypertension or diabetes, was a non-smoker and had not been taking any regular medications. He was philosophical about his blindness but wondered whether it might occur in the proper eye..