Flashback on the sleep qualityThe study involved 82 men and 79 women with an average age of 72 years or less in an emergency stroke unit after either their first stroke or transient ischemic attack , a temporary cerebrovascular event that precedes sometimes true hub of several months to several years.

Degrees of apneaIn the center of the investigation, the specific sleep study was carried out on each of the 161 patients, within two or three days after their admission to the emergency department with a portable monitor recording of the respiratory tract. The team monitor monitor reliability by comparison with multichannel polysomnograpic recording that represents the reference method to the test.the dot study Komenaka said many factors are important in: surgery, an adjuvant treatment, factor factors and socio-demographic variables. .

The study also found socio-demographic factors American women are just as likely as non-Hispanic white women, breast-conserving procedures and adjuvant therapy, a finding which shows from previous studies African-American women uses these undergo fewer distinguished.