The Oosight system solved an integral problem in avoiding damage to the nuclear DNA during the transfer procedure by providing a noninvasive imaging way of visualizing the genetic material. Traditional visualization methods employ a stain or involve contact with ultraviolet light, either which may damage DNA. The Oregon group had used the Oosight system in previous analysis, published in Nature in 2007, that offered a basis for the existing study.A balanced diet can help in reaching the desired increase muscle mass. The food intake should provide even more calories than the usual calorie intake level. The required protein in building more muscles will be completed in the quantity of food, as long as the diet is properly balanced. The body will need at least 15 percent of calories coming from the protein. These simple tips shall help the individual achieve his goals.. Cobalt nanoparticles boost imaging sensitivity and edge detection Magnetic resonance imaging can serve as a very sensitive way of detecting small tumors in your body, but it is not as good at identifying the edges of a tumor.