The family doctor is usually the first screen for, an individual can feels depressed. For this reason, training and tools that joined the diagnosis of this disease and disability with him to enable essential. A recent study confirms the reliability and validity of the 12 – item WHO – DAS II short version short version of the World Health Organization Disability Scale in primary care patients. – Juan Vicente Luciano research team at the Parque Sanitario Sant Joan de D u, in Sant Boi de Llobregat , observed that the psychometric information in Spain on WHO – DAS II in patients with depression was insufficient: a? environment, given the high prevalence of this disease in patients who consult their physician, he says SINC..

On We need to these results by this intervention build the norm health care facilities health care facilities across the country as fast as possible. .. Recent reports that given the usefulness of screening for intimate partner violence in clinical settings and the current critical need for an effective low-cost unintended and teen pregnancy prevention issue , it is very encouraging that this combination of screening for reproductive coercion and abuse and provides simple educational information significantly reduced women’s pregnancy coercion, said Jay Silverman, senior author of the study and associate professor of society, Human Development and Health at Harvard School of Public Health.This further tips on CIGNA regard to saving health costs and make health care Schedule enrollment is simple. – About the Survey.

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