Funding: funded this research by an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Health Services Research Grant (No. 351558, the funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish or preparation of the manuscript.

A standardized approach has been developed to cost – effectiveness of different physical activity programs that are suitable in an Australian context are to be judged , the researchers were able to compare these six interventions. They calculated the health effects of the various measures in terms of disability-adjusted life years – The number of lost years of healthy life due to premature death or illness – through already published data on the physical activity causes heart disease, Stroke, colon and breast cancer and diabetes. Offsetting the financial cost of each intervention against the number of years of death or injury that the intervention averted, they concluded that the Programme for the pedometer as a motivational tool for physical activity and the campaign in the mass media the lowest cost was effective.‘These patients had tell a story, and would share it. Do I did had of the maintenance, to the Kameradschaft, the tempo and the creativity of those involved astonished. The participants laughed at, learning thoroughly enjoyed , explored and shared. ‘.