Broadband technology for doctors in rural Australia The Commonwealth Government hopes a new IT trial will improve communications between widely separated health providers. The Kalgoorlie Boulder area will become a reference site for the Access to Broadband Technology Initiative and can be expected to be completely operational by the finish of November. The government allocated $9 .2 million over 2 yrs in the 2003/04 Budget to provide Gps navigation in rural and remote control areas with access to broadband technology. The Eastern Goldfields Regional Reference Site shall check, measure and demonstrate the benefits to health care providers of having high-speed, continuous, broadband connectivity.

The research shows that 16 to 24-year-olds were the largest binge drinkers, with 32 percent of men and 24 percent of women in that generation admitting to excess drinking. The survey indicated a complete of 26 percent of full-time students were worried about the consequences of drinking too much on their health, compared with 12 percent nationally. Legal & General’s Chris Rolland says the record degrees of alcohol-related illnesses being reported in British hospitals and the reduced degree of concern of drinking an excessive amount of expressed by the research results, suggests that there is a gap in people’s understanding of the effect drinking too much can have on their health.