Improvement of white matter in older people through drug intervention or changes in diet or cardiovascular fitness could be a new approach to tackle some of the cognitive declines that are typical offering for advanced age, Ziegler said, the laboratory of Suzanne Corkin works, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience here .

The trial is the first changes changes in both white and gray matter and correlate these changes with declines in memory and cognition is, Ziegler said.White matter consists of bundles of neuronal axons connections between the neurons connections between the neurons, such that regions of the brain , in order to communicate. Gray matter or cortex, where the bodies of neurons are located.

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The goal was responds to the Obama administration FY10 View full Budget publication Preliminary Analysis Displays U.S. Under-funding AIDS programs.

U.S. Administration and Congress should to government sponsored programs flexibility allowing does not fund to help only be of specific interventions but also strengthen health care systems in general recipient nations. Long term partnerships recipient states the allocation of funds as required on comply with their specific needs. For example, means could deliberately for providing malarial drugs Kids simultaneously support broader maternal and child health care services.