The scam is despite overwhelming contradictory evidenceDespite more and more published journals and doctors not prove coronary heart disease by high saturated fat diets and cholesterol caused, the myth remains. Many people with low cholesterol coronary heart disease, died while in their 40s, For example,with high cholesterol never have CHD problems.

The food industry is responding with low and no fat foods from milk, cheese and more. Processed foods promoted their little or no fat content, as if they were the healthiest foods in the freezer.Where those measures does not help, surgery is the only effective treatment. Surgical includes removal of the clouded lens and replace it with an artificial lens.. About 50 % of cataracts in elderly is age respect as well as other risk factors include genetics, smoking, UV light and diabetic. According to the National Eye Institute, the symptoms of the early cataract with new eyeglasses, brightly illumination, anti-glare sunglass or magnifying glass can be improved.