The rate was about 20 % below the occasional and non – dependent smokers, but among dependent smokers was 30 % suicidal ideation.A even more pronounced pattern was among the 69 people, actually tried to commit suicide found.Only 0.6 % of Non smoking said they tried to end her life, among non – dependent smokers, the rate was 1.6 %, but among addicted smokers , it was 6.4 %.

The study, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, based on data from a detailed psychology study in 1995 among 3,021 people aged 14-24 who lived in Munich launched based.Treatment of non minimum drop bladder cancers mortality rate to African – American and Caucasian but does not Hispanic individuals. The authors of concluded that had spite having regard to the risk factors bladder cancer formation is minimum decrease the incidence of the illness -. More worryingly is that incidence of advanced illness remains unchanged despite improved radiology equipment and intravesical therapy. Assets programs for detection and treatment of non – invasive bladder cancer enhance recommended.