The report found that U.S. Residents spent $ 259,000 prescription drugs in 2007, compared with $ 72 billion in the report also found women represent the majority of pharmacists. The report also found that 91 percent of the nearly 12 million surgical and other cosmetic procedures in 2007 involved women performed.

Forced toers face daily Struggle between work and care, UK – shows new survey almost half of caring for an elderly relative or dependent agree that it is not possible to combine being a carer with a career.Oklahoma: the State of building voted on Thursday order a bill which doctors which carry out abortions to obtain information on the procedures which perform to to Oklahoma Department of Health, the Associated Press would require for doctors give among others information, the number of abortions them who performed patient age, gestational age of the fetus, that methods the abortion, abortion clinics abortion and complications of , if any (HB 2 654 text below, According to of the measure would the report its made ​​public This measure now goes sent to the Senate for review (Associated P.ess,

The new measure, by Rep. Bobby Franklin sponsored by would require services to minors receive at age 16 and 17, the consent of parents get married, and would require a services to minors obtained marry under 16 years are judicial permission. The measure now goes the Senate to check , which require that girls under 18 receive permission of a parent before they would agree to have an abortion, to Associated Press reports would require that to obtain physicians who abortion conduct the ‘the written permission from a parent ‘the minor until implementing to the procedures. The measure would exempt with the requirements if medical emergency makes of a minor lives in danger or a parent sexually a secondary abuse. Special Oklahoma did law requires that one parent 48 hours prior 48 hours before a little the method are reported.