Ertise During Sexy Programmes – The viewer will not rememberThe people are less able to make the products advertised during programs with a lot of sexual content than if the ad placed in similar program remember that no sexual content. That was the core message that was carried out from research at the Department of Psychology at University College London by Ellie Parker and Adrian Furnham -. The research is published in the latest issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology.

The other two groups saw an episode of ‘Malcolm in the Middle ‘which contained no sexual references, with either sexual or non-sexual ads. Was proposing that recall of ads with sexual content in programs disabled that there is something particularly involving or disturbing about sexual programs Interestingly, this is something that programs programs with aggressive content, ‘says Furnham.. The studies 60 students aged 18 to 31 participated, average age 21, who were divided into four groups.Douste-Blazy told that that current financial turmoil would there very difficult getting the Millennium Development Goal financing of on governments, said new methods of finance the fight must be sought for these diseases. .