The researchers conducted bilingual, face-to-face interviews, the socio – demographic questionnaires and the USDA 18 – item Household Food Security Survey Module included. Questions including ‘In the past 12 months has not even your children to eat for a whole day because there are not? Enough money for food ” ‘in the last 12 months, the children were always hungry But you just could not afford food ‘.

Canadaof Inuit preschoolers live in food insecure homes, CanadaSeventy % of Inuit preschoolers in Nunavut, Canada to live largest field found in households, eating where it is not enough, a situation with implications for children’s academic and psychosocial development, an article in CMAJ .Ambassador at the sitting reported about the successes and challenges of HIV treatment and preventive programs within their respective countries. Pamela Sfax, U.S. Ambassador in Ghana, raised his meet the challenges of fighting HIV prevention for men who have sex with men in Ghana MSM are stigmatized also of health professionals, Sfax and added. Many of the men are married might be a could be a bridge HIV to be spread in the general population. Provided; Sfax, only a few HIV prevention programs in the country have to help at contain the spread the virus among MSM devoted. Problem with this problem, short the embassy educating report a program for the health of employees over the needs of MSM, to Globe.