The researchers interviewed 12,643 people in their homes about their snoring – it represented 0 what causes ed .16 percent of the Hungarian population over the age of 18 years of age, gender and 150 sub – regions of the country.

It seems that quiet snorers do not run a higher risk of heart disease and / or stroke, compared to people who snore do not, the scientists said. – The authors concluded, snoring is the Hungarian the Hungarian adult population, and loud snoring with breathing pauses, as opposed to peaceful snoring is risk for cardiovascular disease risk for cardiovascular disease and increased health care utilization. – Cardiovascular Disease and Health -Care Utilization in snorers: a Population Survey Andrea Dunai, Andras P. Maria P. Colin M. Shapiro, Istvan Mucsi, Marta Novak, PhD SLEEP Volume 31, Issue 03, Pages 411-416 Click here.


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