Most of the residents in this study lack the knowledge in biostatistics needed to interpret many of the results published in clinical research, said corresponding author Donna M. Windisch, Assistant professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine. Residency programs should prepare effective biostatistics training into their curricula successfully residents for this important lifelong learning skill. – If doctors can not identify, understand appropriate statistical analyzes and accurately, their results, the risk of misinterpretation can lead to erroneous applications of clinical research conduct, added Windish.. The residents scored an average of 41 % correct on the test.

The study is in the 5th September issue of JAMA published the theme issue on medical education. The researchers surveyed 277 internal medicine residents at 11 residency programs evaluate to publish their understanding of biostatistics and their interpretation of clinical research results in the medical literature.In a related operations early this year published from Vivian Teichenberg at the Weizmann Institute of Science in and researcher at University of Beer Sheva of Israel, enabled out of in your blood GOT has been established that the majority of brain damages after a brain injury at stop rats. appears to most of damage which is caused by excess glutamate as we can be completely avoid the brain said death after of traumatic injuries, ‘ Teichberg.