Write Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers in New York, and Timothy Law Snyder, a math and computer science professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut, in a New York Times commentary. Detection of antibodies against detection of antibodies against the virus, which sometimes weeks or months after infection- – as opposed to the standard HIV test, the viral load test can detect the presence of virus within a week after infection, the authors say. The test is the most useful in the propagation of HIV, negative for HIV first few weeks of infection, correspond to the period of highest infectivity, said the authors. Although viral load testing is expensive – costs $ 200 to $ 300 per test – especially if the antibody test , which costs about $ 5 per test, with the viral load test on pooled blood samples, the HIV-negative to antibody – comparison tests examined would save city $ 1 on $ 21,000 annually to identify additional 24 to 36 cases of acute HIV infection and defense of six to 72 HIV transmissions each year, the authors say.

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