Based on the World Wellness Organisation, 186 folks have been contaminated with the H5N1 stress of bird flu world-wide and of the, 105 have died. An incredible number of chickens and additional birds have already been culled in European countries also, Asia and Africa.. Bird flu once again hits India Officials in India tell you seven new situations of bird flu have already been reported in the western condition of Maharashtra, the website of two earlier outbreaks this season and 1 in neighbouring Madhya Pradesh condition.Not taking medication for medical ailments: Some medical conditions, if untreated, may cause depression. An example is definitely hypothyroidism . Living alone, social isolation Being widowed.. Bacterial litmus test provides low-cost solution to measure blood micronutrients A bacterium engineered to create different pigments in response to varying degrees of a micronutrient in bloodstream samples could give wellness officials an inexpensive method to detect nutritional zero resource-limited regions of the globe.