Visual acuity was assessed utilizing a reading chart, and median and mean visible acuity improved by 11 and 12. 3 letters respectively at 7 months. This corresponds to the ability to read two additional lines on a reading chart. In the phase 1 study, there have been no adverse events which were judged by the investigators to end up being related to the medication. Some patients experienced redness on the surface of the eye at the site of injection that lasted up to 72 hours. The redness was regarded as due to the injection itself, however, and not the drug. The READ 2 study can look for additional dosing and safety info specifically, as well as mixture therapy of ranibizumab and laser beam photocoagulation .Involving them in exercise and aerobics wouldn’t normally just help them understand health but also help them direct their energies into actions and practices that would be productive and at the same time, beneficial in the long run. According to studies, about 25 percent of children and teens don’t have any vigorous exercise. About 14 percent kids and teens statement no exercise like walking or cycling, everyday. This can be one of the explanations why the number of kids has doubled since the early 1970s. In 2000, 19 percent of children, 6 to 11 years outdated, and 17 percent, 12 to 19 years outdated, are considered overweight.