‘There is a significant clinical need to improve the outcome of cartilage repair, the studies show the potential that exists in the Artelo material as a scaffold and that it contributes to tissue healing. ‘ – Dr. Sebastian Concaro orthopedic surgeon and in animal in animal studies:.

A benefit of the spray is that it is ‘live wet ‘no time, which means that users do not need to wipe off the product before it is effective. According to U.S. Laboratory reports, the product kills 99.99 percent of germs in 30-45 seconds. Moreover, the requirements of EN1276 surpasses in Europe.Batterham warns, however, that big, long-term clinical studies are needed before a particular nutrition recommend you should note that such a diet would not be similar a popular Atkins diet, are typically large well saturated. Fat and protein content.

Show with proteinmay to the amount of an hungry – bullfighting hormone can be increased by consuming a higher protein diet, scientists report in the September edition of of the journal Cell Metabolism, publish of Cell Press. Said hormone, as peptide YY is known , was once by the researcher ingestion were reduce with a third in both normal-weight or obese people when they administered by injection. – ‘We have found that the increase of the protein content of food complement the body’s own PYY, the hunger and the assistance to reduce loss of weight,’said Medical Research Council clinicians scientist Rachel Batterham of at University College London, which the new LED degree.