The principal investigator for the study is Dr. Robert Amato, who is an internationally recognized opinion leaders in the treatment of RCC. The study is intended. The safety and immunogenicity of TroVax in conjunction with low-dose IL-2, the rate usually in the treatment of RCC Initial data from in the first in the first half of 2006.. The first patient was treated in a second Phase II trial in renal cancer at Methodist Hospital in Texas, November 2005.

Analyzes of sample tissue from patients with renal cell carcinoma showed that the tumor antigen 5T4 is present at a high level to about 90 % of tumors. Therefore, RCC is a logical target for a 5T4 targeted immunotherapy.This information has from to. Permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to can enjoy the full Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives and log in of email delivery of of Emperor health news.

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