Anti-seizure medication prevents seizures in sufferers following bleeding stroke: Study A study by experts at the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute at University Hospital supports the use of an alternative medication to prevent seizures in patients who have suffered a life-threatening traumatic mind damage or bleeding stroke eriacta sildenafil citrate more info . This randomized study supports earlier indications that the anti-seizure medicine levetiracetam, marketed as Keppra, was as able to stopping seizures as the original medicine, phenytoin, marketed as Dilantin, while producing fewer adverse side effects.

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Investigators randomly assigned at total of 2,367 mother-infant pairs to 1 of three treatment arms. For both the interventions, the likelihood of HIV-infection was less than in the enhanced control arm significantly. Of the randomized infants, 4.9 % were found to be HIV positive at birth. Among infants who had been HIV-free at one week aged, 6.4 % on the improved control arm were infected by 28 weeks, compared to 3.0 % of the infants on the maternal treatment arm and 1.8 % of the infants who received daily nevirapine syrup. Upon examining the probability of HIV disease or death by 28 weeks postpartum, 7.6 % of the infants on the improved control arm were HIV-infected or died in comparison to 4.7 % of the infants on the maternal treatment arm, and 2.9 % of the infants on the newborn prophylaxis arm.