Chronic myeloid leukemia is a cancer of the blood by the increased and unregulated growth of predominantly myeloid cells in the bone marrow and the accumulation of these cells in the blood in is.The next step, though expensive, will be to analyze more leukemia patients as well as healthy bone marrow continue continue to look for these new abnormalities read .###Working with Bumm on this research is Amy E. Hanlon Newell, cellsr research associate in molecular and medical genetics, OHSU School of Medicine, and Jutta Deininger MD, Assistant Professor, Hematology / Oncology, OHSU School of Medicine and a member of the OHSU Cancer Institute.

As a high school football coach for 25 years, saw Dr. Burton many bad habits athletes practiced when handling their mouthguard. ‘Chewing on the mouthguard until it no longer of protecting the of protecting the teeth is a bad habit,’says Dr. ‘In addition, some athletes throw the mouthguard with dirty, sweaty gear. Never clean. ‘.