COLD-FX remedy undergoes NCI-sponsored trial in leukemia patients Cancer patients – with their weakened immune systems – are vulnerable when the cold and flu period hits particularly. To greatly help, the U.S online . National Cancers Institute can be sponsoring a landmark trial to find whether a unique Canadian cold remedy – COLD-FX – might help. The trial will examine whether using the #1 pharmacist recommended frosty and flu fighting product in Canada – ginseng extract COLD-FX – reduces infections in persistent lymphocytic leukemia sufferers; enabling them to remain healthier to battle their disease. Cancer individuals have weakened immune systems to begin with, usually due to chemotherapy or radiation.

These findings support the necessity for adaptive approaches to COPD treatment to prevent adverse health effects related to increases in temp, McCormack said. Future work is needed to understand the system where heat impacts people with COPD also to identify the most effective intervention strategies, she added. The need for novel approaches is especially critical in the face of anticipated climate change. .. COPD patients exposed to warm indoor temperatures have greater disease-related morbidity If you have problems with COPD, staying cool this summer might provide a lot more significant benefits than simply feeling more comfortable. A study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University says it could also maintain you healthier. The study found COPD patients who were exposed to warm indoor temps had higher disease-related morbidity, including an increase in symptoms, a rise in the use of rescue medications and a decline in lung function.