Although still early, we are motivated by these initial indicators of efficacy of GALNS enzyme substitute therapy for Morquio disease.0 mg/kg dosage phase, but in comparison to other studies we’ve carried out in MPS diseases, we feel motivated by the decrease in improvements and KS in walk range and stair climb.D., Chief Medical Officer of BioMarin. Jean-Jacques Bienaime, CEO of BioMarin added, Predicated on these data, we are even more optimistic about the GALNS plan as we continue steadily to move nearer to providing cure option for Morquio individuals. Bienaime continued, 2010 is normally shaping up to end up being an eventful season for BioMarin. SOURCE BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.. BioMarin announces update about BMN 110 Phase We/II trial for Morquio A Syndrome BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.The technology was developed in collaboration between your research groups of Mark Prausnitz, a Regents’ professor in Georgia Tech’s College of Chemical substance and Biomolecular Engineering, and Henry Edelhauser, a professor in the Division of Ophthalmology at Emory School of Medicine. Research resulting in advancement of the technology was sponsored by the National Institutes of Wellness . ‘We anticipate that targeting drug delivery within the eye will be helpful because we should have the ability to concentrate medicines at the condition sites where they have to action, and keep them away from other locations,’ said Prausnitz.