Unlike diagnostic tests that use small amounts of biomarkers the molecular cells, the molecular model approach uses all of thousands of pieces of information in a microarray, Loring said This results in a diagnostic test with remarkable sensitivity and specificity. scientists upload raw data straight from a single microarray analysis the PluriTest website to find out within 10 minutes, heir cell line is pluripotent.

Sequences allows, created the Scripps Research team has a large database of information on all active genes are in hundreds of normal human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells and a variety of non – pluripotent cell lines. For PluriTest this database a detailed molecular a detailed molecular model to create a normal pluripotent stem cell line.. The new test called ‘PluriTest, ‘meets the need for a cost effective, accurate, animal – free alternative to the teratoma assay for assessing pluripotency using the DNA microarray technology, the different simultaneous analysis of thousands of.David its genetic predisposition, but finding the options by scanning human volunteers own can be difficult and required large trials with many participants. But having a little help from mice , researchers can overcome this experimental hurdles.. Acetaminophen as sure of long-term use but newer studies have demonstrated that even at a relatively short period, the maximum permitted dosage may of inducing increased values the liver enzyme OLD in blood serum to approximately one third of healthy individuals, suggesting possible liver damage It is possible when using high doses, many of these individuals was prone to acute hepatic failure.

This thesis was supported by National Institutes of Health and the Environmental supported Protection Agency.

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