Uppsala Universitet P.an enthusiastic audience.ost ‘No Scar ‘ Surgery – FranceOn 2 April 2007 successful at the University Hospital in Strasbourg, Professor Jacques Marescaux and his team performed the first no scar surgery. The first human incisionless surgery was performed with a flexible endoscope for transvaginal removal of the gallbladder in a 30 – year-old woman with symptomatic gallstones. This world first called Operation Anubis was unveiled last weekend in Las Vegas at the Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgery in front an enthusiastic audience.

Performed operation Anubis without incision represents a very important step towards fully non-invasive surgery the next. Challenge will be to other approaches, the transgastric route is validate the most attractive. World renowned of this technique are: – the reduction or absence of post-operative pain, ease of access to some organs, represent the absence of injury to the abdominal wall – ideal cosmetic results and the psychological advantages of eliminating the physical trauma of surgery.‘We encourage Canadians tested their homes to radon and take action. ‘.. In the open Aerial, radon gas thinned to a low level a risk to health a health risk, but in a confined space as a house, radon can be achieve sufficient quantities to be harmful to of human health. Greater the concentration, the more speedily would remedy the situation. Radon detectors and radon test kits are available in retail. Health Canada Rentals homes of least 3 months, September to April from September to April when the window tendency to be closed.