TITLE: Repeal of the TGF-beta signaling enhances chemokine production and correlates with prognosis in human breast cancer cellsAUTHOR CONTACT: Harold L pharmacy . Moses, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee,Viewing PDF of this article:IMMUNOLOGY: New insights into a rare human syndromeindividuals with LigIV syndrome have any combination of a number of symptoms such as immune deficiency and stunting. It in the gene in the gene LIG4 decrease , but not eliminate gene expression. Mice with a genetic mutation LIG4 which reduces drastically LigIV activity have recently been identified and shown to recapitulate the immunodeficiency and growth retardation was observed in human patients with LigIV syndrome. Richard Cornall and colleagues at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, syndrome, in these mice defects in the development, function, the survival and proliferation of immune cells such as lymphocytes, which can bring about the in individuals with in individuals with immunodeficiency LigIV syndrome. They also observed an unusually high incidence of cancer arise in the thymus, the organ to develop where T cells, leads to the fact that these tumors and the T cell leukemia has been reported in some patients with LigIV syndrome, can similar mechanisms occur.

In the study, both normal mice and mice examined the protein midkine surgical procedure undergone a surgical procedure after 5/6 nephrectomy, when a kidney is removed and two-thirds of the other kidney removed is unknown. With this approach it was found that midkine activity of ACE activity of ACE, a known regulator of blood pressure, of many medications of many drugs which lower blood pressure. Continue administration to midkine midkine-deficient mice restored 5/6 nephrectomy undergo blood pressure and ACE levels levels had found in 5/6 nephrectomy normal mice. The authors conclude from these results that midkine of the renin of the renin-angiotensin system.

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