What is myelin?Myelin is the white matter, the nerve, a sort of coating covers. It allows nerve impulses between the brain and other parts of of our body carry. It consists of two layers of lipids layer of layer of protein. Myelin oligondendrocytes oligondendrocytes the central nervous system. Myelin wraps itself around the axons .

This could be an effective treatment for patients who have lead the spinal cord injury. When human stem cells were injected into the mice, the spinal cord, they divided into new oligodendrocytes, restoration of the myelin around the faulty mouse axons. New synaptic connections between neurons were.Ie adds velocity on visual perceptionThe traditional view of the individual brain regions in the performance of different sensory stimuli that is, a brain region participated in listening to different others throw thrown been questioned during the last years participate participate. A recent study in the online OA journal BMC Neuroscience indicates published that in the monkey, that region that involved in to negotiation directly improve cognition in the visual, without the participation of other integration integrate your senses.

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