Hafed and Krauzlis took the question of how the brain is able perception is in less than optimal conditions obtain one step further upright best over the counter muscle relaxer . When the video stream as a bunch of pixels coming in thinking out of sight, us it is for the visual system to decide which pixels the objects. We wondered whether information about eye movements, the brain is used to solve, including the difficult problem, says Hafed, who is an NSERC and Sloan-Swartz postdoctoral fellow at the Salk Institute.

Like high-end video cameras, the brain relies on an internal image stabilization, prevent our perception by by in a blurry mess Explains the lead author Ziad Hafed, Of course the brain has found a solution. Jumpy jumpy video stream, the visual system continuously provide feedback about the eye movements that the brain generates. .

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An article in the twenty third In Jun. Issue of Archives of Internal Medicine noted that in healthy older adults, a subtle can neurological symptoms including reduced reflections and instable body position associated with the risk death and stroke.