‘With out a detailed understanding of the structure of these fibrils, cure that prevents them deteriorating would prove elusive often,’ stated Professor Kadler. ‘This research, while just a beginning, at least establishes some simple scientific details that could verify useful in future research on osteoarthritis and related conditions.’ The next stage of the team’s work will be to determine the framework of the thicker fibrils and examine how collagen cells manage to produce these fairly large fibrous structures which are 1,000 occasions their own size. Once scientists understand how the fibrils type and develop in healthful cartilage, they are able to then investigate what goes on when things go wrong in diseases like osteoarthritis..Attorneys representing medical advocacy group Center for Science in the general public Interest and consumers from three states have accused Coca-Cola of using deceptive labeling on its Vitaminwater type of drinks, including promises that they reduce risks of disease. Coca-Cola filed to have the lawsuit dismissed on specialized grounds, but on Wednesday Judge John Gleeson of the U.S. District Courtroom in NY said the entire case should proceed. Gleeson said Vitaminwater’s usage of the term ‘healthy’ violates Meals and Drug Administration labeling rules.