Applying math to review cell migration and dynamics of organisms Vacationing waves model tumor invasion Cell migration, which is involved in wound healing, tumor and cancer growth, and embryonic advancement and growth, has been a topic of appeal to mathematicians and biologists for many years. In a paper published in the SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems lately, authors Kristen Harley, Peter van Heijster, Robert Marangell, Graeme Pettet, and Martin Wechselberger study a model describing cell invasion through directional outgrowth or motion in the context of malignant tumors, specifically, skin or melanoma cancer.

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Aquilion ONE 320-detector row CT program reduces radiation exposure When pediatric patients are imaged using CT, reducing radiation and sedation dose while maintaining the best possible picture quality is paramount in delivering care. To provide patients with high-quality CT examinations and a decrease in radiation and sedation dose, leading children’s hospitals are setting up Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. Made with the pediatric market at heart, the Aquilion ONE captures up to 16 cm in one rotation of 0.35 seconds, decreasing the amount of radiation a patient receives and lessening the need for sedation.