is to integrate these improved formulations and perspectives and also expand the clinical data support the potential commercialization of Generx the company considering clinical and commercialization pathways for Generx in developing countries, which often have very limited access to surgical procedures such as angioplasty, stenting or coronary artery bypass . The American and European clinical trials have Generx together an extensive database supports the safety of this product candidate, even in patients with severe forms of chronic coronary artery disease.

Cardium Biologics reported the following results and schedules: As previously announced, on the basis of an agreement with the FDA, Generx would be restated to increase the durability and other formulation enhancements are expected for storage using a standard freezer , and may have a lyophilized version for refrigerated storage.Notes:.Co-authors of the security are Harrisonburg, Kelly K. Brent A. McBride, Sharon M. Donovan, Diana S. Grigsby – Toussaint, Janet M.

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