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The 53rdectrometers. High-Technologies High-precision Mass Spectrometry TechnologyTokyo – Hitachi on 19 April that the company in collaboration with its subsidiary Hitachi High – Technologies has an innovative an innovative mass spectrometry technology, which reaches an accuracy of 5ppm . Can detect linear ion trap, the proteins and metabolites with high sensitivity, and time-of – flight , can mass numbers mass numbers exactly: Called Linear Trap TOF Mass Integrated technology, the new technology consists of two mass spectrometers.– – Now researchers on the University of Naples Federico II and Second University of of Naples, Italy found a way the number of the number of right-side – up at this well established antibody molecule detection found in.. Open – antibody, Biosensors improves by UV light – of detecting pathogens in blood for investigating Protein Synthesis Inside, quartz crystal microbalance sensors, numerous applications in modern biology. In this technique, antibodies anchored to gold electrodes on a piece of crystal quartz work such as the hook to of the adhesive side a Velcro strap, grabbing molecule of interest as you pass.

A document by recently experienced in the the Optical Society open – access journal Biomedical Optics Express, Using this method, academics irradiated antibodies having ultra-short pulses of ultraviolet optical seemed. At the gold thiol groups are more attracted to the gold electrodes as a other parts of of the antibody, the lower sides of these irradiated more likely much more likely to comply gold electrodes of as the hook ends. Using this method, the scientists in the position more than doubled of the sensitivity QCM apparatus opens up new possibilities for research using this type sensor were say the researchers.